Basic steps to grow marijuana at home

Written by on 5 July, 2022

Although you probably think that starting your own grow at home is a very complicated activity, it really doesn’t have to be.

Well, to help you get started with your weed plantation at home we will mention 7 basic steps that you must carry out, so let’s get to weed!

1- Define the growing area

To start with your growing define the place where you will place your marijuana plantation. If you decide to grow in a room, it is recommended that it is not too large to make it easier to condition it.

If you will grow on the terrace or balcony, make sure to place your girls in a place where they will receive enough sunlight.

2- Choose your marijuana seeds

If this is the first time you will plant your Mary Jane at home, it is best to choose a flower that is easy to plant, auto strains can be a good option.

On the other hand, keep in mind that if you have little space for your growing, it is not recommended to plant sativas, because these flowers tend to reach a lot of height and it can be difficult to control the size.

3- Choose the growing medium

To grow your marijuana you can choose different mediums, for example, hydroponics or soil, each of these offers you different advantages.

If you have little experience in marijuana growing, choose soil to grow your marijuana, as it is not only cheap and accessible, but also easy to work with. Make sure that the soil texture is light and airy and that it has good drainage.

4- Check the growing conditions

Marijuana flowers need certain conditions to grow without problems, for example, make sure that the lighting is well distributed throughout the grow room. If you need to increase the coverage and intensity of light in your room, reflectors are a very good option.

Measure temperature and humidity levels and install ventilation mechanisms to keep these parameters under control when growing your Mary Jane at home. Take precautions to reduce the risk of pest and mold infestations.

Also, check the availability of soil nutrients and supplement the rest to promote growth at different stages.

5- Germinate and plant

There are a multitude of methods to get your seeds to sprout, such as germinating cannabis seeds on napkins or in Jiffys. For this process to be successful the humidity must be relatively high.

Your seeds will take between 24 to 72 hours to sprout, although sometimes it can take up to 10 to 12 days. When your seed germinates transfer it to its growing medium.

6- Monitor your cannabis

Take care of your girls during each stage to ensure that everything is in order. In the flowering phase for example, to be successful your plants need approximately 12 hours of total darkness, so during this stage you will need to ensure that there are no interruptions.

7- Prepare for harvest

One of the signs that will help you recognize that your bud is ready to be cut is that you look at the trichomes, when they go from being crystalline and acquire a milky tone mostly, and others with amber tones, it will be time to cut your buds.

Before enjoying your cannabis, your flowers must go through processes such as manicuring, drying and curing, this way you will get better flavor and effect.




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