Autoflowering indoors? 3 things to avoid

Written by on 24 February, 2021

As you may know, autoflowering cannabis strains are generally easy to grow and the best thing is that they grow fast, which makes them quite attractive for indoor growers.

Well, although planting your own Mary Jane auto in your grow tent can be a simple task, it is very common to make some mistakes. To make your plantation a success, here are 3 things you should avoid.

1- Avoid using very small pots

For auto cannabis plants to grow without problems, it is ideal that you plant them in large pots; usually some growers recommend those that are not less than 10 liters.

Keep in mind that it is advisable to plant auto strains directly in the final pot to avoid transplanting.

2- Underestimating their growth

Although autoflowering cannabis plants indoors rarely exceed one meter in height, there are always exceptions, remember that everything depends on the strain you choose, that is why you should avoid underestimating their growth.

Some auto sativa flowers can reach up to 150 cm in height and in indoor this can be a disadvantage, so keep this in mind.

3- Use the same light cycle as photodependent flowers

Unlike photodependent strains that need a lighting cycle of 18/6 (18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness) during the vegetative phase and a switch to 12/12 during flowering, auto strains do not need variations in the light/dark cycle to start flowering.

Autoflowering strains flower automatically and the whole life cycle of the plant is done under the same photoperiod, usually an 18/6 cycle is used.

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