Aspects to consider when choosing the pot for cannabis growing

Written by on 27 September, 2020

If you are going to grow cannabis in pots, it is very important that you choose the right pot. To do this, you must take into account the characteristics of growing you plan to carry out and, of course, the qualities of the plant you want to grow. In this opportunity, we present you three aspects that you must consider now of choosing the pot for the marijuana growing.

1) The color

There are many different shades but, to choose the right one, you must know that the color of it has a different incidence in the plants, depending on if it is an indoor or outdoor growing, however, this does not mean that there is a specific color for one or the other.

Just keep in mind that according to the color of the pot, the reflection of light will be different and will be the temperature of the pot.

In this sense, if you want the substrate and the roots to receive extra heat, it is better to look for black pots, but if you want to avoid heat, white pots are recommended.

White pots bounce light instead of absorbing it, and black pots attract light, so in an outdoor growing, black pots are only recommended when growing in winter (so the plant can be more resistant to cold).

2) Sizes and shapes

The shape of the pot influences the structure the plant will have when it grows. There are models you can choose from such as square or round, with and without handles, among others. Make sure you look for the right one according to the type of growing you are going to do.

On the other hand, remember that the pots must have the correct size according to the variety of cannabis that you are going to grow and the phase of life in which this one is, otherwise, the root system will not develop suitably, and therefore, the plants will not grow of the correct form, which could affect your growing.

3) Manufacturing material

There are variety of pots that not only vary in color, size and shape but in the materials, they are made. In the market, you can find plastic, clay, cork or fabric pots and many more.  Each one of them offers you certain benefits and disadvantages.  It is very important that you investigate which one is better for you (again considering the type of cultivation) and do not buy a pot by letting yourself be carried away by the price.

Final considerations

Make sure that the cannabis pots you choose have a proper drainage system to avoid problems in your marijuana plantation. You can also use other accessories such as plates and trays to help collect excess water.

As we have mentioned before, there are many pots on the market, to choose the right pot, remember to think a lot about the characteristics of your growing.

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