Are marijuana plants turning years old? Is it possible for them to live more than one growing season?

Written by on 5 November, 2021

Can marijuana plants live longer than one growing season? That’s a pretty interesting question. You may think it’s impossible, but the truth is that it can.

You see, when harvest comes, your plants don’t have to die, as there is a method that allows them to defy death and stand happily for longer.

Give your marijuana strains a second chance by re-vegging cannabis, a process that consists of returning the plant to its vegetative state so that it can later offer rich buds again.

Re-vegetation is the biological key to growing real marijuana trees, which see several harvests.

Re-vegetation of a marijuana plant after harvesting

Marijuana can be said to have no genetic marker that marks the moment of its death. Its existence is regulated by light. This factor, along with other environmental conditions, will decide the longevity of your growth. That is why your plants can live longer if, for example, after harvesting, you bring them indoors.

For plants, revegetating is coming back to life. This process will allow you to harvest the buds of your plant and then grow the same plant again for a second harvest.

To carry out the regeneration or re-vegetation, as we mentioned the most advisable is to do it indoors, where you can strictly control the light cycle of your harvest.

To successfully revegetate a plant, we must leave at least a couple of buds or more without cutting; it will be enough to leave only the lowest buds of the plant, which are usually smaller. For an efficient process, you will also have to change the substrate, prune the roots and use growth fertilizer.

Also, to resume vegetative growth, growers often switch from 12/12 lighting to the 18/6 schedule (some use 24 hours of continuous light).

After a few weeks of vegetative growth, the new growth will consolidate, and the strain will be ready to return to its next flowering phase.

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