Advantages of LED lights in the cannabis growing

Written by on 30 November, 2020

The LED lights, over time, have been gaining ground in the cannabis world and no wonder, the truth is that these lights offer a number of advantages for the marijuana growing, so if you still have doubts about their use, we invite you to continue reading this post, because here we will present some of them.


These lights have a wide variety of benefits so you will surely start considering using them in your next growing.

1) Consume less energy

This is perhaps one of the factors that calls the attention of the marijuana growers because, when it comes to cannabis plantations in interiors the energy consumption is usually quite high. Fortunately, the LED lights usually consume less electrical energy compared to other types of lights, but this does not mean that they are not of quality.

2) They serve during all the growing

Some LED lamps cover the wide spectrum of lights that Cannabis needs. Therefore, you can use the same equipment during all the growing (adapting it and taking care that the intensity is according to the phase of life of the plant).

Keep in mind that if you are going to make any changes, with regard to the intensity and/or the position of the light, make sure you do it in a progressive way, during many days and, not once to avoid stressing your plants.

3) They generate little heat

Compared to HID lights, LEDs generate little heat, so you won’t need overpowering ventilation systems. This is very favorable if you grow in the summer, however, in cold weather, you will probably have to use a radiator in the winter months.

4) Reduce the need for watering

If you use LED lights for your marijuana growing you probably won’t have to water your cannabis too often, because precisely because these devices don’t generate as much heat, the soil in the pots will stay moist for longer, minimizing the amount of times you have to water.

Anyway, make sure that your marijuana plants drink the necessary water for their proper development.

5) Diversity

Many types of LED lights are available in the market, such as Standard LED (violet), Cob LED, or Spread Style LED, among others. Each one of them offers you several advantages that can be adapted to what you are looking for in your cannabis growing.

Before buying any equipment, we recommend that you investigate if it can be adapted to the characteristics of your marijuana plantation, so you can get the most out of it.




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