Advantages and disadvantages of the aeroponic growing system

Written by on 2 December, 2020

Today there are many different ways to grow cannabis, from soil growing, hydroponics to aeroponics and much more, so there is a variety of options available to you to choose.

On this occasion we want to talk about aeroponic growing, specifically, we are going to give you three advantages and disadvantages of this system, to make it easier for you to decide if it is convenient for you or not, to carry it out. So continue reading.


1) Easy access to oxygen

As you know, aeroponics involves suspending the roots of marijuana plants in the air, so this area can easily access oxygen.

Well, another advantage of aeroponic growing is that it also allows you to have better access to the roots.

2) Less risk of pests

As aeroponic growing does not require any type of substrate, it may present a lower risk of pest attacks. Anyway, you must be very careful because, when it comes to pests, you never know.

3) Nutrients go directly to the roots

Through this form of growing, it is much easier for the roots to absorb the nutrients, as there is no substrate to stand in the way of the fertilizer, and the fertilizer is provided through a consistent cycle.


Like everything else, aeroponic growing can also bring some inconveniences, and here we present three of them:

1) Experience is required

Marijuana growing in aeroponic systems requires special attention; therefore, due to its complexity this type of growing is not suitable for beginners.

2) Expensive

Mounting an aeroponic system can be a very expensive investment. Therefore, if you don’t have a good budget, it’s better to give up the idea of installing a growing system of this type.

On the other hand, keep in mind that this investment is really worth it, if you are an experienced grower.

3) Time and dedication

This type of growing requires that you are constantly watching that everything is in order. You must check that the equipment is working properly, and make sure that the amount of nutrients, irrigation and other things are supplied correctly.

In aeroponics, there is less margin of error, because if something fails, it can cause a disaster in a short time. Be careful with the electronic equipment, and avoid any spillage

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