Advantages and disadvantages of SCROG in cannabis growing

Written by on 15 August, 2022

As you may know the SCROG is a name that comes from the English phrase screen of green, which translated into Spanish means green grid. This is one of the many methods used by the cannagrower to optimize the cannabis growing. If you still have doubts about carrying out it or not, do not worry that here, we will present you some advantages and disadvantages of the cannabis growing on SCROG, which can make you, change your mind. So read on.

Advantages of SCROG

Among some of the benefits offered by the SCROG method are:

– Reduced consumption of elements such as water and nutrients

– Better use of the growing space, and maximum benefit in single plant growing.

– It can be done with seeds or cuttings.

Disadvantages of SCROG

As we present some of the positive aspects of the SGROG, it is time to learn about some of the disadvantages of this method. So pay attention.

– This method requires more attention and detail from the grower. You must be aware of the plant’s growth and pruning when it is convenient.

– It is a technique generally recommended for Sativas.

– It can be difficult to move in the growing because of the net or mesh.

Final considerations

This method is usually easy; however, like everything else, it requires the proper techniques to be followed in order to enjoy its benefits.



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