Advantages and disadvantages of regular and feminized seeds

Written by on 2 June, 2020

When starting to grow cannabis, there are many factors, that each grower must consider before starting to do so, and one of the main ones is undoubtedly the type of seed to be planted.

There are different cannabis seeds, and this time we will talk about the regular and feminized seeds, as well as the pros and cons of these.

Regular seeds

This type of seed can produce male or female plants. In this sense, there is a 50% chance that the plant will come out of one sex or the other.

This is one of the disadvantages of this type of seed, since the grower has no control over the sex of the plant and may have to get rid most of the male plants and have limited productivity as a result.

But, not everything is negative, among the advantages that regular seeds offer you is the possibility to reproduce the plants by making seeds with the males and females. The males produce the pollen used to fertilize the female flowers, generating the seeds.

Having both sexes of the plant, you can create your own varieties of cannabis.

Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds, as its name suggests, are seeds that produce female plants, hence its main advantage, because you get the quality you want, when growing and you will not get surprises at harvest time.

Since they do not produce male plants, feminized seeds are not suitable for making seeds, so if that is what you are really looking for, this type of seed in particular will not be useful.

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