Advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics

Written by on 27 July, 2020

Hydroponic growing is quite popular nowadays, as it offers certain advantages that surely attract more than one, however, it must be said that to carry it out satisfactorily certain aspects need to be fulfilled. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this form of growing.

Among the main advantages are:

1) Fast growth of plants and bigger buds

With this type of growing, unlike in-ground plantations, the cannabis root system has direct access to all the fertilizers it needs, so its energy is focused on the development of the plant, rather than wasting it looking for nutrients in the soil.

In this way, the speed at which the plant will grow will increase. This type of growing also generates higher yields.  Of course, it is important to have the right environment.

2) Easy access to roots and less disease

With hydroponics, you can have more access to the roots, allowing you more easily identify symptoms of some diseases or deficiencies. Keep in mind that the roots should be white, because if you notice that they are dark, it is a sign that something is wrong.

By not using soil, you can remove unwanted contaminants from your growing, and the only thing your plants will absorb is pure, nutrient-rich water.

In this way, it will be much easier to grow organically because your plants will not be exposed to chemicals that you do not want to supply to the growing process.

You will have better control over the quantity and quality of nutrients your plants receive and you will be able to optimize fertilization, as well as control many of the factors that can affect your plants.

In addition, in hydroponic systems, growing is less susceptible to pests and diseases.

3) Practical and cleaner growing space

In this type of growing, cannabis plants need less room for roots, as they are fed directly. Cannabis can be placed closer together, without affecting it. By not using soil, you have a cleaner space.

Hydroponic systems are usually quite practical. Almost everything your plants might need can be found in the water, so the control and adjustment of the pH level can be done quickly and accurately.

This growing medium will allow you to save more time, water, as the plants take what they need, and the rest remains in the tank until they need it again. You will use less water because, in soil growing, a part of it is absorbed by the soil and in this case, it goes directly to the plants.

You can also calculate the exact dosage of fertilizers to ensure that the plant receives the amounts it needs.

However, among the main disadvantages are

1) Initial cost

Implementing this system may represent a greater expense than growing on land initially, because once mounted, the costs decrease, and are equated with those of growing on land, but if you do not have enough money for this investment, it could represent a problem.

2) Experience

Experience is required for this type of growing, as situations can arise that are more difficult to correct than in a land-based growing.

Keep in mind that the absorption of nutrients is direct and any mistake could end up with the harvest.

You must be prepared for power outages because remember that these systems work with a pump that supplies water, oxygen and fertilizer. It is also very important to know how to control the temperature accurately.

3) It demands time and dedication

With much more direct control, you should have more responsibility. In these cases, your growing trusts you to provide them with the elements they need in their development.  You need to be vigilant.

As we have mentioned before, hydroponic systems have a pump that supplies the water, so you must be very careful with electrical appliances because any leak or spill can be dangerous.

Take special care in maintaining all components of the system to prevent accidents. It is recommended that all electrical appliances be installed above waist level.


Learn more about how to carry out this medium and analyze all the variables before performing a hydroponic culture so you can make the best decision according to your possibilities and experience.



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