Advantages and disadvantages of growing different strains of cannabis in the same space

Written by on 11 January, 2021

There are strains of marijuana with diverse aromas, effects and THC levels that choosing a single type to grow indoors can be a difficult task.

So, why wait until the next harvest to have at your disposal two different varieties if you can choose to grow different strains in the same space. Have you thought about it before; if you still have doubts, don’t worry, here we will present you some of the advantages and disadvantages of this practice. Read on.


1) Diversity

One of the main advantages of planting two or more types of marijuana strains in the same grow room is precisely what we were saying at the beginning. We are talking about the possibility of having diversity.

What better than to be able to choose between a vine with pleasant aromas to lemon, and another one with earthy touches (to put an example), instead of settling down with smoking always the same vine.

2) Better harvests

Multigrowings generally produce higher yields, although it all depends largely, on the type of varieties chosen to plant together, on your care, and on the training and cultivation techniques you use.

3) Learning

Practice makes perfect, you’ve probably heard that expression a lot. Well, this also applies to marijuana growing. To be a good cannabis grower you must learn not only from reading accurate information, but also from experience.

Growing several different strains of cannabis in the same space will allow you to learn more than with just one variety.


1) Requires more work

So far, do you see very positive, right? The truth is that carrying out a plantation with different strains indoors also has its disadvantages, and among them, having to work more.

As you know, the needs and care vary according to the type of strain. So growing plants with different characteristics requires specific attention for each group of plants (you will have to supply the nutrients, watering, be aware of the harvest time, lighting among others, according to the variety).

2) Space and height limits

In indoor growing, space is usually limited. To grow different types of plants can bring you several problems, especially if you choose an indica and a sativa, because the size of this last one can be difficult to control if you do not take the necessary precautions.

Moreover, if the grow room is full of plants, many problems can arise such as the appearance of mildew and mold, among others.

3) You can get confused 

You see, diversity is great, but it could also bring you disadvantages, even more so if you are a beginner. When you have different varieties it is very easy to get confused and not know how to differentiate between one and another, for that reason, it is very important that you label them, this will allow you to avoid making some mistakes by not giving specific care to your plants.

Final considerations

When choosing the different varieties that you want to grow in your grow room, it is advisable to select strains of the same subspecies (for example, two types of indica), and of course, that have similarities in terms of flowering time, size, among others.









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