9 basic tips to grow marijuana yourself

Written by on 9 August, 2022

Mota, Juanita, Juanita, Mary Jane, Maria, whatever you call your cannabis, we’re sure you’d like to start your own grow.

Although growing marijuana is not complicated, you need to prepare for it. To help you in your learning process we will give you some simple and basic tips.

1- Choose the most suitable seeds for you

If you have little experience in growing marijuana, it is best to choose seeds that are easy to sow. For example, autoflowering seeds can be a very good option. Make sure you get the variety that is best suited to the environment where you will plant.

2- Decide whether you are going to grow indoors or outdoors

Plan the type of growing you are going to set up. If you choose to grow indoors, this will allow you to have more control over factors such as lighting, humidity, or temperature. However, this type of planting requires more maintenance.

Outdoor growing has its advantages, for example, if you plant your plants directly from the ground, your marijuana strains will have more space to grow, therefore, having larger plants, you can have higher yields. The downside is that growing weed outdoors is more prone to pest and disease damage.

3- Choose the growing medium

You can choose various mediums to grow marijuana, such as hydroponics or soil, each of these offers you benefits.

For those who have little experience planting cannabis, soil growing is recommended, because besides being economical and accessible, it is usually an easy medium to work with. Make sure that the soil texture is light and airy and that it has good drainage.

4- Be careful with the lack or excess of watering

A common mistake that some growers make is to over-water their plants, this can cause the roots to not breathe properly and is one of the main causes of root rot.

Similarly, underwatering can have negative consequences for your plants. Make sure the soil is dry enough before watering your cannabis again.

5- Constantly watch your plants

When you grow your own cannabis it is important that you are constantly watching your plants.

Watch for symptoms or transformations that your strains may show, such as color changes and leaf deformations. If you notice a warning sign, act quickly.

6- Avoid light pollution when flowering

When your girls are in the flowering phase, you must make sure that they do not suffer from light pollution. Depending on whether you grow indoors or outdoors, be careful with the lighting of street lamps or light leaks in the grow tent.

Remember that if the plants receive light during the night photoperiod, it can prevent them from flowering, causing them to become stressed and even hermaphrodite.

7- Hygiene

To reduce the risk of pests and fungi in the plantation, you must maintain hygiene throughout the growing area. Of course, you should also comply with other conditions such as using disinfected utensils and clean clothes, among others.

8- Be discreet by keeping odor under control

One of the factors that can give away your indoor plantation is precisely the strong fragrance given off by marijuana. An alternative to avoid this is to use a carbon filter. This tool will help you neutralize the odor produced on your plantation.

Outdoors, to minimize or disguise cannabis odors, a great idea is to plant your marijuana next to other species of aromatic plants, such as lavender.

9- Get the basic tools for harvesting

Before you start harvesting your flowers you must have all the materials you will need.

Get some nitrile or latex gloves (powder-free), sharp pruning shears, a large plastic tray or container in which to place the cut branches.

Be sure to prepare your workspace and clean your tools.

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