6 tips to start growing marijuana indoors

Written by on 8 February, 2022

Don’t panic if you’re growing your cannabis for the first time. Luckily, many practical tips can help you plant your “Juanita” without complications.

We will give you a few tips that will surely help you to set up your indoor plantation easily.

1- Find a good place

One of the first steps to start growing indoors is to find a good space to grow. This does not have to be huge, because you can also grow quality marijuana in small spaces.

You can grow your weed in spaces such as closets, garages, basements, or any empty room. Keep in mind, in your growing room; you must maintain good air circulation, adequate humidity, and temperature, among other factors.

2- Close the light filtrations

When you are going to start growing marijuana indoors, it is important to prevent external lights from reaching the growing space, especially during the dark period. Any light that penetrates the growing space during this phase can disturb the rhythm of the plants and cause them a lot of stress.

Checking for light filtration is very simple. Stay inside the grow room with the lights off and look for possible light filtrations. If you get any, cover them, you can use insulating tape to do so.

3- Have a correct ventilation system

This point is quite important. If you install a good ventilation system, you can guarantee that your plants will receive fresh air during the whole growing period. Keep in mind that a wrong ventilated room can lead to fungus and diseases in your cannabis plants.

The easiest way to increase air circulation in a grow room is with fans. Some people install a few wall fans and place them strategically.

You can also install an exhaust system designed to remove old, hot air from the grow room and make room for fresh air.

4- Define the type of lighting you will use

Cannabis plants need a lot of light to grow and produce delicious buds, so indoors you should buy lamps to ensure this factor.

There is a great variety of bulbs that you can buy; the most suitable one will depend on the size of the grow room and the budget you have.

LED lights, for example, are very popular, partly because they generate little heat and because they provide good energy savings. These lamps are energy efficient, so if you use them, you won’t spend as much on electricity bills. Although the initial investment to acquire these devices can be a bit costly.

5- Ensure the cleanliness of your growing environment

Keeping the environment where your plants grow clean will benefit their health, and of course, the health of your buds.

Keep in mind that the cleaner and tidier your grow room is, the less likely it is that pests, diseases, or mold will take hold of your plants.

6- Monitor your marijuana strains

It is important that you constantly monitor and check your grow room, this will allow you to detect any irregularities in time.

If you notice that your plants are drooping, have yellow leaves, holes, among others, it is a sign that something is wrong with your growing.


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