5 tips to prune your marijuana plants successfully

Written by on 27 October, 2022

One of the most used techniques in the growing of marijuana is pruning, because if it is done in a controlled and directed way, yields can be increased considerably.

Besides helping to increase production, with pruning you can also control the growth of the plant. Sounds interesting, right? Well, in order to perform this technique correctly, review some tips that we are going to give you below:

1- Make precise cuts

When you are going to prune your marijuana flowers, make sure you make precise, clean and careful cuts. Make sure that the scissors you use are sharp and comfortable to work with, you can use manicuring scissors that you can get in a grow shop or in garden centers. In general, it is advisable not to pull out the branches with your hands.

2- Pruning in the vegetative phase

There are several pruning techniques, such as FIM or apical pruning, so, before carrying out any of these, it is best to do some research on each one and when they should be applied.

As a rule, it is recommended to prune cannabis flowers during the vegetative or growth stage.

3- Practice with a few plants

If you still have little experience pruning your marijuana flowers, we recommend that you start with a few plants; eventually you will begin to master this technique.

4- Maintain hygiene

This tip is essential not only when you are going to prune your girls, it is also important to maintain hygiene throughout the process of growing your plants.

In the case of pruning, make sure that your scissors are completely clean and sterilized before using them.

5- Avoid pruning autoflowering plants

When it comes to pruning techniques, autoflowering cannabis strains are generally not compatible, given their short growing and flowering period, they have very little time to recover. Therefore, avoid applying this method with this type of strains.

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