5 tips for beginners in cannabis growing

Written by on 10 January, 2022

If you are a beginner in the cannabis growing, there are a number of aspects that you should learn as soon as possible to carry out successfully your growing and harvest quality plants, but for now we are going to present you 5 simple tips that you should take into account when growing.

1) Choose a way of growing

One of the first things you have to do to start growing marijuana is to choose the medium on which you will grow it, these can generally be soil, pearlite, coconut, rock wool or water, which is the most suitable, well this depends on several factors.

You can grow several ways according to your possibilities. Many growers choose to do their growing in pots, in hydroponic systems or aeroponic systems, among others.

2) Choose the right variety

In the cannabis world, there are many strains, which have many characteristics. Make sure you get the variety that best suits the environment where you are going to plant, as some plants are better for outdoors than indoors, and vice versa.

3) Label your plants

Labelling plants may seem like a minor detail to you, but when growing more than one strain of cannabis, this aspect will become more important. Many marijuana strains are very similar, so you can easily get confused and not distinguish one strain from another.

4) Hide the smell of cannabis

There are varieties that provide pleasant fragrances but are also usually very strong. Therefore, if you are one of those who prefers to keep their growing secret, hiding the smell of cannabis should be one of your top priorities. This can be a difficult task, but not impossible.

5) Hygiene

In order for your growing to have less risk of pests and fungi, it is very important that you maintain hygiene in the completely growing area. Of course, you should also comply with other conditions such as using disinfected utensils, clean clothes and washing your hands when you are going to handle the plants, among others.


In addition to following these tips, it is extremely important to keep factors such as temperature, lighting, ventilation, humidity, pH and nutrients, among many others, under control in order to grow cannabis successfully.


Also, generally, look at your plants to verify that everything is in order.





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