5 reasons why you should grow your own marijuana in 2022

Written by on 31 December, 2021

If you are a marijuana lover, surely in this coming year 2022 you want to experience new things along with your Mary Jane, well, what do you think if you start by growing your own weed?

The truth is that there are many reasons why you should think about setting up your cannabis growing, here we tell you some of them.

1- Chemical-free buds

By getting involved in the process of growing your weed you will be able to ensure that your buds are grown without harmful chemicals. As a grower you can opt to use natural fertilizers and you will most likely get very delicious flowers.

If you grow your own cannabis plants you will be much more sure of the quality of the marijuana.

2- You can use all parts of the plant

When you buy the buds from a store or dispensary, you will most likely only have access to the buds of the marijuana, but if you grow the plants, you may have more opportunity to experiment with other parts of the cannabis such as leaves and stems.

3- You will learn more about marijuana

To grow your own marijuana properly you will have to research how to do it, so all this will allow you to know a lot more about your weed.

You will know for example: the phases of growth that cannabis goes through, the ideal care, the needs of the plant, the different varieties that exist, among others.

4- Bigger buds

By planting marijuana by yourself, you will be able to carry out different growing techniques to get bigger buds or with better taste.

Keep in mind that since you are in charge of everything that must be supplied to the plant yourself, you will have to be very careful and be very attentive to your girls to avoid problems.

5- It is very satisfying 

Growing marijuana next year can be a very good idea. It can be a way for you to spend your free time in a pleasant and relaxing way, plus it is an exciting and satisfying activity.

Also, if you regularly plant your favorite strain, when the harvest comes you will get enough of the weed you like to smoke.

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