5 reasons why cannabis seeds do not germinate

Written by on 12 October, 2022

You have probably wondered at some point why your marijuana seeds don’t finish germinating. Well, if so, you are in the right place, because this time we will give you 5 reasons why this situation happens:

1) Use of bad seeds

If you buy poor quality marijuana seeds, it is most likely that they will not germinate, which is why it is recommended that you buy them from recognized banks.  This way, you will have greater guarantees for your growing.

2) Fungus appearance

Fungus are one of the factors why seeds do not germinate. For this reason, you should avoid handling the seeds with bare hands, as this can cause them to become contaminated, and thus damaged. Try to wear gloves and disinfect the items you use to reduce risks.

You should also be careful with the substrate and pots you use, as they may contain pathogens.

3) Incorrect storage

If you don’t store them properly, your marijuana seeds may be affected. You should keep them away from light, temperature extremes and moisture when storing.

4) Improperly planting

It is advisable to sow the seeds of this plant at a depth of approximately 0.5-1cm and then cover them with a little soil, as if you bury it too close to the surface, it may dry out, and otherwise, if you bury it too much, it may rot.

5) Poor quality water

Many people use tap water for adult cannabis plants, but if it is used for marijuana seeds, it could be a problem, as it can prevent germination.  In these cases, it is better to use bottled water.





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