5 ideal tips for successfully transplanting your cannabis strains

Written by on 10 December, 2020

As cannagrower, you will know that the strains of marijuana need sufficient space to develop their roots suitably, reason why, you will have to transplant them to greater containers every certain time during its cycle of life.

In order not to damage your cannabis plants, it is ideal that when you relocate your strains to a new pot, you do it correctly.

So, follow with us and take note of 5 tips that we will give you to carry out this process successfully.

1- Avoid very big pots at the beginning of the growing

When you plant your flowers, we do not recommend you to do it from the beginning in very big pots, remember that your flowers will be very small, and most likely with watering the pot will end up flooding.

When watering you should be careful not to encourage conditions conducive to mold and rot.

2- Determine the space available

Whether you have a lot or a little space is also an aspect to take into account when transplanting your flowers, since, depending on it, you can determine the size of the final pot.

3- Know the variety you chose

There are varieties of marijuana that grow more than others, for example the sativas are higher and grow more than the Indicas, that is why, it is more probable that they need bigger pots with time.

4- Do not transplant the autoflowering

As you know, autoflowering plants have a short growth and bloom regardless of the hours of light received.

Given their rapid growth, autoflowering strains are not recommended to be transplanted because they will not have enough time to recover from the stress caused by this process. With these varieties, it is advised to plant them directly in the definitive flowerpot.

5- Avoid direct light

Do not transplant your flowers under inclement sun or too intense growing light. To avoid exposing the roots to excessive light, some growers recommend transplanting at the end of the day.


When making the transplants of your strains of marijuana we advise you to maintain the hygiene in your work environment. If possible, use gloves to handle your plants. Make sure you carry out this process at the right time to avoid stressing your girls.




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