5 frequently asked questions about harvesting marijuana

Written by on 5 November, 2022

When you grow your cannabis, one of the moments that you will want to come soon is the harvest stage.

If you are a beginner grower, it is normal that when the time to cut your flowers approaches you will have doubts such as: What materials do you need to harvest the buds, when should they be harvested, what happens if you cut them before the time is right? In short, but don’t worry, here we answer some of your questions.

1- How do you know if your marijuana is ready to be cut?

There are several ways to determine if your weed is ready for harvest, for example, one of them is that you look at the trichomes of your plants when they go from being crystalline and acquire a milky tone mostly, and others with amber tones, it will be time to cut your buds. Use a magnifying glass to observe them.

2- What materials do I need to harvest marijuana?

Look ahead of time for the materials you will need to harvest your buds. Get some nitrile or latex gloves (powder-free), to prevent the resin from sticking to your hands, clean and sharp pruning shears, a container, or a large plastic tray to place the cut branches.

3- At what time of day should the buds be harvested?

Some people consider that the best time to cut the buds is early in the morning, in those cases in which you plant your marijuana outdoors, or when the lights or lamps have just been turned on if you grow your Juanita indoors.

4- What happens if the buds are harvested early?

If you cut your flowers before the right time, the quality of your buds will not be the same.

I remind you that harvesting a marijuana plant early means losing a good part of its potential, and that includes both its delicious taste and its effects.

5- After harvesting the buds, can they be consumed at once?

After you cut your buds, they should not be smoked automatically because you must first carry out activities such as drying and curing your buds. Both processes are important because they allow the bud to fully develop its potency and aroma.

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