4 ways to avoid hermaphroditism in your cannabis plants 

Written by on 3 February, 2021

Generally, marijuana growers prefer female cannabis plants because they are the ones that produce buds, rather than male plants as they are generally used to produce seeds.

Well, despite the care you give to your flowers, for various reasons, some of your plants can become hermaphrodites, that is to say that they have both sexes. That situation can cause your harvest to be reduced, but don’t panic, there are ways to avoid it, stay with us and know some of them.

Avoid stress to your plants

If you want to prevent your flowers from becoming hermaphrodites, the best thing to do is to try not to stress your plants. The most advisable is that any pruning or tutoring treatment should be done during the growth stage.

Don’t overdo it with fertilizers

If you feed your girls well, they will most likely grow healthy and give you good harvests, but you must be careful not to overdo it.

Some growers recommend that when fertilizing, the percentage indicated by the manufacturer should be slightly reduced. However, do not overdo it with the amount of nutrients your flowers need.

Water properly

It is ideal that you offer your plants the right conditions for their growth; one of them is to water them constantly and correctly.

Water stress is also a cause of hermaphroditism, which is why you should prevent your cannabis plants from drying out, but you should not overdo it either, you don’t want to suffocate the roots. Make sure the substrate is moist rather than soggy or dry.

Respect the photoperiod

It is important to make sure that the dark cycle of your flowers is not interrupted. If you grow in your garden or balcony, make sure that there is no lamp or light bulb nearby.

If, on the other hand, you grow your cannabis indoors, it is best to close the windows tightly. Avoid that your flowers suffer time changes.




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