4 tips to succeed in growing marijuana outdoors

Written by on 3 June, 2022

If you have a large garden or land to grow marijuana feel happy, because growing marijuana outdoors can offer you several advantages, one of them, for example, is that you usually get generous harvests.

Well, to get the results you expect you must take into account several factors, but to make your task easier here are 4 tips that will help you succeed in your outdoor planting.

1- Grow safe

One way to protect your plantation from thieves or curious neighbors is to grow your Mary Jane discreetly and out of sight of everyone. To hide your outdoor growing you can choose to plant other types of plants nearby to disguise or minimize cannabis odors.

2- Use mulch or mulching

Using mulching or soil cover can bring you several benefits to your plantation, one of them is that it will help you to reduce the surface temperature of the substrate.

You see, mulch helps to insulate the soil, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This will be very favorable to the roots.

3- Locate your plants in a sunny area

Marijuana plants need sunlight to photosynthesize and develop properly. Make sure to place your plants in an area where they receive enough sunlight, also, make sure there is good ventilation.

4- Choose productive genetics

To obtain enviable harvests, an important step is to choose the right cannabis genetics, remember that there are varieties that are characterized by producing better yields than others. For example, the Purple Queen strain can be a good alternative, this variety produces between 650-700g per plant outdoors.




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