4 steps to do the Monster Cropping method in marijuana growing

Written by on 9 March, 2022

The Monster Cropping technique consists in making clones of a cannabis plant that is in full bloom and passing them to the vegetative phase. This method is perfect for growers looking to get more buds.

Monster Cropping, known as re-vegetation of cuttings is a relatively new growing technique, so, normally, you do not know how to do it on your plantation.

How to do Monster Cropping?

The Monster Cropping technique is very similar to the one we would use to take clones from our cannabis plant. Conveniently, you know how to apply it to avoid making mistakes. Take into account that this technique is recommended only for photoperiodic marijuana.

First Step: Get the materials

To start with this technique, you must use a sharp and clean pair of scissors so as not to cause infections. You will also need a bucket of clean water to moisten the stem of the clones to start rooting.

Step 2: Choose your clones

It is recommended to take the cuttings from the marijuana plant when it is in the third week of flowering. Use scissors to cut them. Make a diagonal cut.

When choosing the branches to cut, some people advise starting with the lower branches, as they tend to root faster than the upper ones.

Keep in mind that these types of cuttings do not have the same success rate when compared to clones from a vegetative plant, so some may not root. Because of this risk, when performing the Monster Cropping technique it is recommended to take a few extra clones in case things don’t go as expected.

Step 3: Wait for the clones to take root

When you have cut your cuttings proceed to place them all at once in clean water, don’t take too long to do this as you must prevent air from entering your vascular system. You can apply a rooting hormone to increase the chances of your clones surviving.

Leave the clones in the water for a while and transplant them after you see root development.

Step 4: Revegetate the clones

When your girls are ready to be transplanted you will need to provide them with a vegetative light cycle, you can opt for an 18/6, 20/4, or 24/0 period.

Generally, growers don’t worry about light intensity, as clones don’t need a lot of light to survive. Just make sure your girls don’t get stressed.

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