4 methods to germinate marijuana seeds easily

Written by on 1 April, 2022

Seed germination is one of the first steps to growing marijuana. Any grower may have doubts about which is the best method to carry out this process, if you are one of them, here are some alternatives to germinate cannabis seeds easily.

1- Glass with water

This method is very simple, what you will have to do is fill a glass with warm distilled water and hydrogen peroxide. Some people recommend adding between 2 and 3 ml of hydrogen peroxide per liter of water, always without exceeding.

Introduce the seeds in the glass, and take them to a warm place away from direct light. After a few days, the roots will begin to show, if you see them it will be time to transplant them to the selected culture medium.

2- Wet paper

This is usually one of the most recommended germination methods, as it is easy and fast. To apply this method you will need to have a Tupper, kitchen paper, and water.

To start germinating your seeds, moisten the paper, and then place it at the bottom of the upper, on top of it place the seeds (leave enough space between them so that the roots do not get tangled). Then cover your seeds with a layer of wet paper and close the Tupper. Then store them in a warm place without light.

Finally, make sure the paper does not dry out and if necessary, add more water, just make sure it is not too soaked. After a few days, the main root of your seeds will have emerged and they will be ready to be planted in the growing medium.

3- Jiffy 

The is a compact disc of pressed peat and soil or coconut fiber wrapped in a fine mesh, which when moistened increases in size. It can be used both to germinate cannabis seeds and to root cuttings.

To start germinating your seeds, immerse the Jiffy in a glass of water. After 5-10 minutes, the discs will absorb the water and swell. It is recommended that the pH of the water be between 5.5 and 6.

Take out the Jiffy and drain the water carefully, without squeezing too hard. It should remain moist. Place the Jiffy upright on a tray. Make a hole in the top, 1 cm deep, place the seed and cover it.

Place the tray in a warm place without direct light and keep the jiffy moist. Wait a few days until it begins to germinate.

4- Directly in the soil

You can germinate the seeds directly in the soil. To do this, you must place the substrate in the pot or pot. The substrate should be moist but not soaked.

Then make a small hole with your finger and place the seed. Then cover the seed with a little more soil.

This method is not highly recommended. You see, when you germinate your seeds this way you run the risk of them getting too deep in the soil, so the plants may not sprout.


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