4 frequently asked questions about growing cannabis

Written by on 2 October, 2022

Growing cannabis is a rewarding activity and although it may seem a complicated task to set up your own plantation, it doesn’t have to be.

If you decide to grow your own Mary Jane, many doubts will surely invade your mind, but don’t worry, it happens to many cannabis growers.

Stay with us, we will present you 4 frequently asked questions that probably coincide with your doubts, stay tuned to this post!

1- Which light source should I choose?

Light is a fundamental element for the growth of marijuana. When you grow indoors, you must be sure to choose the right lamps.

Generally, in the vegetative stage it is recommended to use HM lights, because of the bluish light spectrum they emit. In the flowering stage, it is advisable to use HPS lamps, which give off an orange-reddish light.

2- What is the appropriate pruning or training technique to optimize the production of auto strains?

The concrete answer is none. You will see that with autoflowering cannabis flowers it is not advisable to perform any pruning or training technique, such as topping, FIM pruning, SCROG method, among others, given their short period of growth and flowering, they have very little time to recover.

3- What is the difference between regular and feminized cannabis seeds?

Although at first glance feminized and regular seeds do not seem to have major differences, the truth is that in their genome they do.

You see, feminized seeds are those that only have female chromosomes (XX), so they offer high probabilities of obtaining only female plants, which are the ones that produce resinous buds.

On the other hand, regular seeds can produce male or female plants that is to say that their chromosomes can be feminine (XX) or masculine (XY).

4- What is the right light cycle to grow autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis strains, as their name suggests, flower automatically regardless of the photoperiod, therefore, they do not need changes of light and darkness to do so. The whole life cycle of the plant takes place under the same photoperiod.

In general, one of the most recommended lighting cycles for autoflowering cannabis plants is 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness continuously.








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