3 ways to grow cannabis in hydroponic systems

Written by on 26 August, 2021

The hydroponic growing is a method of growing that offers many attractive advantages for the growers of marijuana, because among other things, the plants grow quickly and obtain abundant harvests.

There are several ways to grow marijuana under a hydroponic system; however, here we present you 3.

1) Deep Water Culture (DWC)

This method consists of a deposit with nutritive solution on which a perforated tray or basket is placed where the cannabis plants will be housed (this basket is usually filled with clay balls).

As the plants grow, the roots will develop inside the deposit; therefore, the Cannabis grower must ensure that the water always has adequate fertilizers to meet the nutritional needs of the plant. With this method, an air pump is required to oxygenate the water.

On the other hand, contrary to what many may think, this method is an easy and effective way to get quality buds.

2) NTF (Nutrient Film Technics)

This system consists of arranging the marijuana plants in PVC pots or pipes, through which a water pump makes a film of nutritive solution flow, so that the roots of the plants have a constant and continuous supply.

The NTF method is very favorable because it uses little water and is easy to assemble and operate, but you must keep in mind that a simple electrical failure can be fatal.

3) By dripping

The drip system is quite versatile, allowing the use of various types of substrates. In addition, to understand it in a simple way, the water is pumped from the deposit to each one of the cannabis plants, where a dripper will provide constant and slowly the nutritious solution.

Gravity causes the solution to pass through the growing medium and reach the roots. The excess is drained back to the reservoir for reuse.

Final considerations

Don’t get carried away by their definitions. Although these methods may seem, in principle, a little complicated, the truth is that they are not impossible to perform; some are easier than others are, and you just have to look for the one that suits your needs. You won’t regret hydroponics, it will give you many benefits.



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