3 Tips to speed up your cannabis harvest

Written by on 7 June, 2020

Cultivating cannabis is an exciting activity that requires care and dedication, some growers may have the time to be aware of their plants, but others may not, if you are one of the latter, do not worry, here are some tips to harvest as soon as possible.

Select the right strain

Choosing the right variety to get an early harvest is critical, as some strains bloom faster than others.

Autoflowering varieties are perfect; these strains do not need changes in the light cycle to start flowering, because of their ruderalis genetics they can take as little as 8 weeks to mature. In addition, they have a small size, ideal for growing in small spaces.

This type of plant is very easy to plant and if you have little experience in the culture comes in handy.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a photoperiodic strain, you can choose to grow an Indica instead of a Sativa, as the flowering period of these varieties is much shorter.

Hydroponic growing

In hydroponic cultivation, plants are grown in a water reservoir instead of in the ground, so nutrients are more easily absorbed. Therefore, this method could be the perfect solution for you, as the plants grow much faster than when grown in the ground, between 30% and 50% faster.

Shortens growing time by reducing light hours

Another way you can speed up your cannabis harvest, in the case of photoperiodic strains, is by exposing your plants to about 10-11 hours of light a day. By exposing them to less light, you will fool them into thinking that autumn is coming and they will start to flower before the cold season.

Growers can skip the vegetative phase, but they will not get such large harvests.



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