3 tips to keep the roots of your cannabis plants in perfect condition

Written by on 30 May, 2021

One of the keys to success in growing marijuana is to keep the roots of your Mary Jane plants in perfect condition; however, being underground, some cannabis growers do not pay much attention to it.

Keep in mind that without a healthy root system, your girls will have difficulties to develop properly, and of course, nobody wants that, so, we invite you to continue reading this post, because we will give 3 ideal tips to keep the roots of your flowers healthy.

1- Adjust the pH of the watering water

An important factor to ensure the health of the roots of your plants is to keep the pH levels of the watering water appropriate.

Cannabis growers usually recommend that the pH be between 5.5 and 6.5, to ensure that the roots absorb all the minerals necessary for plant development.

2- Don’t let the roots be tangled up

Usually, the roots of your cannabis plants are tangled when the pots or the space where your plants are planted is very small or limited. It is necessary to avoid this inconvenience because it can because nutritional deficiencies, one way to do this is to transplant your girls in time.

The plant will indicate that it needs another pot when they show signs of slowing growth or when you realize that the roots of your mota have colonized the substrate in which they are located.

3- Keep the growing clean

This point is important for the care of the roots and your flowers in general. You will see unhygienic conditions are the perfect reason for the presence of microbes and other organisms that can strongly damage your plantation.

Prevention is the best advice to avoid inconveniences such as diseases, mold, among others, so be sure to keep the entire growing environment spotless.


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