3 Tips to avoid mistakes in cannabis growing

Written by on 5 July, 2020

When you think about growing your own cannabis you might be a little scared by the idea and wonder how difficult it is, but don’t worry, if you take every step to the letter, you have nothing to worry about, although like every grower, no matter what the experience, you won’t be exempt from a setback.

If you are a beginner in the growing of marijuana, it is not superfluous to inform yourself about the possible inconveniences that can happen, this way you will be able to prevent any problem, but to make your job easier, here we will give you 3 tips to avoid making mistakes in your plantation.

1- Pay attention to your plants

Keeping an eye on your cannabis plants is one of the best ways to detect any irregularities and the best thing is that it does not cost anything. Just take a few minutes every day to inspect your marijuana leaves and flowers for problems such as pests or mold, this way it will be easier to detect any problems early on.

2- Labeling your plants

If you decide to grow different cannabis varieties on your plantation, it is ideal to label each of your plants so that you can identify them at harvest time and do not get confused.

It is recommended that you keep the label until you dry it out, as some plants look similar once they are dried; you can hang the label on branches or hangers.

3- Plan the drying and curing

As we mentioned at the beginning, you need to be aware of your plants while they are growing, and before it is time to cut your flowers, you need to be aware and prepare for the steps that follow, drying and curing your marijuana.

Make sure your basic drying room is dark and clean, humidity should stay between 50 and 65 and temperatures should stay between 60 and 70°F.

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