3 Tips for successful cuttings

Written by on 19 October, 2021

As you may know, growing cuttings is an ideal alternative for those cannabis growers who want to preserve and harvest their favorite marijuana strain repeatedly.

Well, although taking cuttings may seem like a complicated task, it really doesn’t have to be. Stay with us, we will give you some tips to make them successful.

1- The cutting tool

Using sharp scissors or blades is essential to make clean cuts, because if they are not, you will end up creating wounds, both to your plants and to the cutting, which will probably take longer to heal, which can increase the risk of infections.

In addition, you must make sure that the cutting tool is completely clean and disinfected; some growers choose to wipe it with a little alcohol.

2- Keep the lights at the right distance

Generally, the recommended lighting for cuttings is the use of fluorescent lamps.

It is ideal that the distance of the lights with respect to your cuttings is correct to ensure that your girls get all the lighting they need to develop but without causing your clones to burn.

Some growers advise that the distance between the fluorescent lights and the cuttings should be about 18cm. If you have doubts, inform yourself well on this point to avoid making mistakes.

3- Observe your cuttings constantly

This advice, although it may seem very simple, is important, because watching your cuttings constantly will allow you to act quickly in case of any irregularity.

In general, for cuttings to root they need to maintain a high humidity during the first days (between 80 and 90% approximately).

Well, constantly check your cuttings, if you notice that they are a little dry, you should spray them with a little water to maintain the humidity they need.




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