3 Tips for growing marijuana on a balcony

Written by on 24 November, 2021

When you decide to grow your own cannabis it is always important that you have a place to carry out your growing, if you don’t have a very large plot, don’t worry, even the balcony of your house can be a good place.

There are many reasons why it’s a great idea to use your balcony for growing, among them is that your plants will get enough light from the sun and when it rains they will get water for free.

Here are some tips for growing on your balcony or terrace:

1 – Select the right cannabis variety

Generally, terraces or balconies receive a lot of sunlight, but depending on where they are located, they may only receive morning light. If this is your case, one of the options you can consider is to grow auto-flowering cannabis.

Auto strains don’t need changes in the light cycle to start flowering so it’s a perfect alternative if you have light limitations.

If you prefer photoperiodic strains, choose those that are of indica genetics, because unlike sativas, these strains grow smaller and more compact. They are also perfect if you are looking for a discreet culture, you can start by growing strains of Kush genes such as OG Kush or Bubble Kush.

2- Use pots of the ideal size

When growing on terraces or balconies you will need pots to plant your cannabis, you can choose the pots of your preference; make sure they contain drainage holes and a plate to collect excess water.

Regardless of the type of pot you choose, it is important to focus on the size of the pot, as this will influence the growth of your plants. Selecting a small pot will limit the vertical growth of your plants. While large pots have more space, so plants can grow more freely.

3- Protect your growing

No grower is exempt from having his crop plagued by pests, so taking precautions will always be a great idea. One of the ways to do this is to grow around other types of plants such as basil, petunias and garlic, which by their characteristics repel certain pests.

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