3 tips for growing marijuana as discreetly as possible

Written by on 6 January, 2022

Whether marijuana growing indoors or outdoors, many growers prefer to keep their plantations as discreet and hidden as possible. The good thing is that there are many ways to do it.

That’s right, several alternatives to make your weed go unnoticed; therefore, why here we will give you some simple tips for you to achieve it.

1- Don’t tell anybody

If you want to keep your marijuana plantation a secret, you’d better not tell anybody. This way you, will avoid curious neighbors. In addition, you will also protect your pot from possible theft. The fewer people know that you are growing pot, the better.

2- Keeps the smell controlled

One of the factors that can give away your indoor plantation is precisely the strong fragrance that marijuana gives off. Therefore, an alternative to prevent the whole building from knowing that you are growing cannabis is to use a carbon filter. This tool will help you neutralize the odor produced on your plantation.

If you plant outdoors, to minimize or disguise cannabis smells, a good idea is to grow your Mary Jane next to other species of aromatic plants, such as lavender.

3- Select the proper variety

This point is quite essential to avoid your plantation being discovered. A fundamental tip of advice is that before acquiring your seeds, you should know their characteristics.

Some cannabis strains have intense smells and grow a lot, which is not ideal for discreet people. Fortunately, today’s the recognized seed banks provide you with all the information you need.

Be well informed and choose a cannabis strain that suits your needs and attracts less attention.



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