3 Tips for a successful continuous marijuana growing technique

Written by on 25 August, 2022

Would you like to get a constant supply of buds and not wait for months between harvests? Well, then the continuous growing technique will come in handy.

As you know, the method of continuous indoor growing, basically consists of using different spaces, in which, each of them corresponds to a stage of growth of marijuana.

When the plants are harvested in the flowering space, they must be replaced by another batch of plants that have already completed the vegetation in a different space. The vegetative space is then refilled with new strains, and so on.

Although it may seem a complicated method at the beginning, it will really help you to improve your yields, but let’s not say more, here we will give you 3 tips to apply this technique successfully.

1- Growing and flowering should be separated

Since you are going to grow different groups of plants at the same time, the space for the vegetative and flowering stages should be totally separated. Remember that at each stage of your girls’ life cycle, they need a different time and type of lighting.

You could even use a large grow room or closet, but in any case you will have to put up a wall to divide the spaces.

2- Prepare each space properly

In addition to having all the elements as in a traditional indoor plantation, for a continuous growing you will need to adapt each space where your girls will grow.

The flowering area, for example, must be totally protected from external light, because you don’t want light pollution to ruin your work.

In each space you need to make sure that there is adequate air circulation to prevent mold from damaging your flowers, if necessary add another fan.

3- Take into account the times of each variety

For your continuous cannabis growing to be successful, it is ideal that you take into account the time that each variety of marijuana needs to develop properly.

You will see that each cannabis plant has particular characteristics, so some, for example, grow so fast that they do not need to spend eight weeks in the vegetative stage, while others may need the full eight weeks to then move them to the flowering stage.

If you know the timing of each specific cannabis plant, it will be easier for you to determine when it is the right time to move to the next phase.


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