3 things to consider when growing cannabis in cabinets

Written by on 6 September, 2020

If you are going to grow your own cannabis one of the first steps you need to start is to choose a place to place your plantation, not all users have a large garden for this, so doing it in an indoor growing cabinet can be a great idea, but how to grow in cabinets?

Stay with us and take note of some things you should consider when starting your cannabis growing in cupboards.

1) The illumination

The illumination is fundamental in the growth of the cannabis, is for that reason, you must use the type and the suitable power (according to the period in which the plant is), and know the time in which this one, must last ignited or not and the correct distance with respect to your plants.

There are different models of specific lights on the market, such as HPS and HM bulbs, LED equipment, CFLs and fluorescent lights, among others, so you have different alternatives that can be adapted to your needs.

2) Ventilation and extractor 

Ventilation and air renewal is very relevant. The time that the extractor must remain on or off varies greatly according to the period in which the plant is located and other factors such as temperature and humidity.

As for the ventilation, it will allow to remove the air inside the growing cabinet that will avoid the formation of hot or cold air bags, and will provide multiple benefits to the cannabis.

3) Watering and fertilizing

When you have made sure that you have set the lighting correctly and of course controlled other factors, you are ready to start growing your cannabis in the cupboard.

Choose the variety that you are going to plant, and later, determine the way in which you are going to feed it. There are various means of growing as hydroponics, soil, coconut fiber among others, depending on each of them; you can determine the type of fertilizer suitable.

In growing in soil, once the transplant has been made, the seedlings and cuttings of cannabis need abundant watering, but keep in mind that to water again, it is wise to expect the substrate to lose almost all the moisture. The regularity of watering will depend on the phase through which the cannabis passes.


Prevention is undoubtedly a fundamental element to avoid the appearance of pests or diseases, which is why you must also ensure that the humidity and temperature of your growing cabinet have the right levels.

We also recommend you to check your plants constantly to detect any irregularity in time.


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