3 things to consider when choosing a place to grow marijuana (outdoors)

Written by on 27 October, 2021

When it comes to growing your marijuana plants at home, there are several places you can consider for it.
Whether you want to grow your weed in your garden or on your balcony at home, it is important that as a cannabis grower you take into account certain aspects to choose the most suitable place.

1- Terraces or pots?

Depending on the place where you are going to grow, you can decide to plant your Mary Jane in pots or terraces. Both forms of growing offer advantages.
Growing marijuana in pots will allow you to move your plants easily from one place to another if necessary. There are even containers such as smart-pots that help develop a better root system.

On the other hand, beds allow you to grow several associated plants on the same piece of land, which can create a shield of producing plants that can be of great help in keeping pests away.

2- Risk:

Outdoors, plants take advantage of rainwater, but they are also exposed to drought. Marijuana strains generally thrive in most areas except those that are unusually dry.

You must guarantee water for your girls no matter what. Installing an irrigation system will make that task easier.

If you are guerrilla growing, planting your weed near a river or stream may be a good idea, as it may be easier for you when you have to water your plants. Just keep in mind that if the place you chose is too close to the stream or river the area could flood if it rains a lot.

3- Light pollution

For correct flowering, photoperiodic marijuana plants require 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. However, when growing outdoors, some ambient light, for example, street lamps, can interfere with these cycles.

Take this into account before choosing the place where you are going to plant your weed. If your growing site is exposed to light pollution, you should find alternatives to prevent external lights from damaging your plantation during the hours of darkness that your girls need.

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