3 reasons why you should manicure your cannabis plants

Written by on 3 September, 2020

Many beginners in the cannabis growing can believe that the harvest is the last step to be able to enjoy the marijuana, but it is not thus, because to have buds of quality, they must fulfill other fundamental steps, between which it is the manicured one of the cannabis. You do not know what is; good you do not worry that in this post we indicated to you of which it is, and much more. So continue reading.

What is the manicured of cannabis?

The manicured of the cannabis is the action that consists of cutting or retiring the stems and leaves without concentration of tricomas of the bud. The idea is to eliminate the excessive vegetal material of the plant.

However, this is not all; the manicured must be done for various reasons. Here are three:

1) Better appearance and less risk of mold

Perhaps the aesthetic is one of the less relevant characteristics of the cannabis, but there is nothing like a flawless bud. By manicuring your plant material, it will look more attractive to the eye, and you could avoid the appearance of mold on your plants, which would make them unsuitable for consumption.

2) Smooth smoke

If you keep the leaves without trichomes, you will surely experience a harsh smoke and of course, much less pleasant. When you have manicured your cannabis, you will be able to enjoy a smooth and powerful smoke.

3) Aroma

Cannabis plants have terpenes that give them the characteristic aroma and taste. If you remove the sugar, leaves from your buds the terpenes will stand out much more. Just keep in mind that the manicuring should be done at the right time.

There are several ways to manicure your cannabis, but once you’ve done, you’ll be fulfilling one of the steps that will allow you to take better advantage of all the time invested in your growing.


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