3 reasons why the leaves of your cannabis plants become yellow

Written by on 14 September, 2020

In the cannabis growing even though you carry out every step to avoid making mistakes in your plantation, you are not exempt from any inconvenience. That is why you must be attentive to check your plants to detect any irregularities in time.

One of the usual ways to realize that something is not right in your growing, is when you observe that the leaves of your plants become yellow, but not always something negative, usually is the most common symptom of a problem.

The reasons for the yellowing of the leaves of your marijuana plants can be many, stay with us and know the 3 most common reasons.

1- Nutritional deficiencies

Cannabis plants need certain amounts of nutrients, including nitrogen, to grow properly.

When a nutritional deficit occurs, the most common symptom that appears in your plants is that your cannabis leaves become yellowish.

The ideal is to use fertilizers rich in nutrients to avoid the lack of them. Investigate the exact amount of fertilizer you should use to avoid making mistakes.

Bad watering habits and an incorrect pH level can also trigger nutritional deficiencies, so rarely to see leaves turn yellow. It is ideal to water and maintain an adequate pH to avoid inconvenience.

2- Overexposure to light

When you grow your plants indoors under artificial light, when they are too close to the bulbs or exposed to excessive light, can cause yellow leaves on your cannabis and that they burn.

This yellow color you will notice at the top of your plants, which is precisely those areas where the light affects more.

This type of inconvenience is more common when using very powerful lighting systems. The best thing to do is to move the affected plants away and find out the right distance from the light.

3- Pests or diseases

Changes in your cannabis plants can also be due to the presence of diseases, pests or fungi, these intruders could not only cause yellow leaves on your plants, but also other much more serious problems.

Be sure to keep your growing environment clean and as mentioned above, be aware of your plantation to act quickly.


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