3 powerful reasons to use cocoa fiber in marijuana growing

Written by on 13 November, 2022

As every grower you are probably always looking for your growth to develop in the best possible way, after all, it is about your precious plants. Therefore, this time we want to talk to you about coconut fiber. Don’t know what it is? We’ll tell you about it right away.

What is coconut fiber?

Coconut fiber is a cannabis growing medium that can be used in both indoor and outdoor growings, and it can also be used in both soil and soilless growings. Where exactly does it come from? Well, as the name suggests, coconut fiber is the recycled and processed fiber from coconut husks, which is used as a medium for growing cannabis. This medium is also widely used in hydroponic growing.

Reasons to use coconut fiber

Many growers are starting to integrate coconut fiber into their marijuana plantations since thanks to its characteristics this substrate provides good results for the growing. The truth is that this medium offers many advantages. Here are three of them:

1) Good aeration

One of the main advantages of growing in coconut fiber is that this medium keeps the roots oxygenated, as it can retain large amounts of air, which favors the supply of oxygen to the roots.

2) Reusable and environmentally friendly

Another benefit of coconut fiber is that it is reusable, and since it is obtained from sustainable sources, it is environmentally friendly.

3) Less vulnerable to insects and pests

It should also be noted that coconut fiber is less vulnerable to insects and other external agents colonizing and living in it, something extremely important because, as you know, some insects can endanger the well-being of cannabis.

Final considerations

Although this is an excellent growing medium, you must keep in mind that coconut fiber can have some drawbacks, such as retaining a lot of moisture, among others. But many of these drawbacks can be easily solved. So do a little more research before growing in coco fiber.

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