3 key aspects to succeed in indoor cannabis growing

Written by on 13 September, 2022

If you want to achieve incredible results in your indoor marijuana plantation, as you may know, there are several factors you have to take into account to create the right environment for your girls to grow healthy.

Well, in this post we will mention 3 key aspects that you have to guarantee in your weed plantation so that your harvest will be successful indoors.

Use a quality substrate

To grow your Mary Jane as well as possible, it is ideal that you make sure you use a quality substrate, remember that this will be the support for the roots during the following months.

A good substrate must be spongy and sterilized. The vast majority of specific substrates for growing cannabis contain to a greater or lesser extent a mixture of materials such as coconut fiber, perlite, worm humus, among others.

Get reliable seeds

This point is really important. The ideal to start with your indoor plantation is to have quality seeds and not of dubious origin.

Keep in mind that in indoor growing, as the days go by, the electricity bill will increase considerably, mainly due to the lighting equipment installed. You do not want to pay high costs for the electricity service and in the end, your harvest will be hermaphrodite plants full of seeds.

Choose the right lighting

Lighting is one of the factors necessary for your girls to thrive. If you don’t have proper lighting your efforts will not have the expected results, as your plants will probably grow spindly and weak. If you don’t ensure proper lighting you will most likely get small buds.

Be sure to invest in a good lighting system, as the rewards will be worth it. On Mota Radio you can find several guides on the types of lights used for marijuana growing.



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