3 ideal places to grow cannabis at home

Written by on 29 July, 2022

Growing your own marijuana is a task that can be very rewarding, if you want to get into this activity is important to choose the place where you will place your plants. If you don’t have a large plot of land at home to carry out your planting, don’t worry, there are other places where you can do it, take a look at this post and get to know some of them.

1- Grow in your garden or yard

Growing your own cannabis in the comfort of your garden or backyard can bring you several advantages, including access to your plants whenever you want.

In addition, it represents a more profitable option than growing indoors since you will not have to spend on expensive equipment; you will only have to have healthy soil, adequate fertilizers, pots, the necessary water to water your plants, among others.

The only thing is that your plants, when outdoors, are not exempt from suffering damage caused by nature.

Try to place your plants in an area where they can receive enough sunlight. Make sure you plan your growing strategy well to avoid inconveniences.

2- Use your balcony or terrace

If you don’t have a garden at home to grow your cannabis, don’t worry, even your balcony can be a good place.

Growing on a balcony can bring you many benefits, such as your plants can receive light from the sun and in rainy seasons, they will get water free.

Depending on where your balcony is located, if you find that, your plants do not get much sunlight; growing autoflowering cannabis may be the right choice. These strains do not require strict light/dark periods to develop, so they are a perfect alternative if you have light limitations.

Know yourself about the time indicated to plant the cannabis and it tries factors, as the irrigation, substratum, and drainage among others are the correct ones.

3- In empty rooms or closets

Indoors cannabis growing can offer you multiple advantages, one of them is that you can maintain a greater control on your plantation, since you can manipulate factors like the illumination, ventilation, humidity among others.

If you have a space available at home such as empty rooms, attics, closets, basements and others, you can use and adapt them to create a space or room for growing.

Be well informed about the conditions that a growing room must have so that your plants develop properly and do not present any inconvenience.

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