3 common problems in the cannabis growing

Written by on 17 September, 2020

If you are just starting to grow cannabis, it is very important to keep in mind that in the marijuana plantations can present several challenges that you will have to learn to overcome to carry out your growing successfully. While this is a rewarding activity, there are also drawbacks that could occur. In this post, we will give three common problems in the growing, so keep reading.

1) Pests

This problem is usually very common in marijuana growing, whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. You will see a series of plagues that can appear in your cannabis plantations, such as the red spider, the caterpillars and the white fly, among others, which, can cause diverse damages that in many cases become irreversible.

It is very important that you look for more information on how to detect pests, so that you can act in time and prevent them from appearing and reproducing.

2) Nutrient deficiencies

Another one of the disadvantages that can appear in the cannabis plantations is the deficit of nutrients, this absence, can take place in many cases, thanks to which some growers do not provide to the plants a balanced combination and suitable dose of such. Of equal form, the deficit also can be generated problems in the absorption of the nutrients.

Fortunately, the plants of cannabis usually give some signs or symptoms when they are suffering some deficiency of nutrients. If these pending of your growing, probably you could realize in time to correct.

However, make sure that the cause of your plants appearance is due to a nutrient deficiency and if so make sure you know what it is, so you can fix the situation.

3) Stress in the plants

The human beings are not the only ones that can undergo stress, because the plants like the cannabis also can undergo it, and although in both cases, a little stress can be positive, when this state is prolonged by too much time can be detrimental.

Negative stress in marijuana plants can directly affect the quality of cannabis, so find out about the types of stress, so you can avoid any situation that produces it.


Try to be aware of everything that happens with your cannabis growing, also keep all factors such as temperature, irrigation, pH, lighting and others, at appropriate levels.


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