3 advantages of growing cannabis in pots (outdoor)

Written by on 2 January, 2022

Marijuana can be grown in many different ways, one of which is potting. In this post, we indicate 3 advantages why you can start considering pot growing, outdoors.

1) Mobility

If you live in an area where there are occasional thunderstorms, protecting your cannabis plants, when they are planted in the ground, can be a bit of a challenge. When you grow them in pots, keeping them safe can be a bit easier as you have the ability to move your plants around (when there is a threat or when you feel it is necessary).

2) Greater discretion

In outdoor plantations, if you grow in pots you can have more control over the growth and possible final size of the cannabis plants, so if you need to be discreet with your growing, this option can be very useful. However, keep in mind that pots limit the growth of marijuana.

3) Control the quality of the growing medium

With this alternative, you can be a little surer that your pots contain only what you supply. In addition, water and nutrients will be more available in the substrate to be absorbed by the plant and that could represent a saving in both water and fertilizer.


Try to use the right pot size, and the type of cannabis variety that is best suited to this form of growing.







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