3 Advantages of autoflowering growing

Written by on 30 July, 2020

Autoflowering varieties bloom after a certain time (on their own), without depending on the usual light cycles of photodependent varieties. This type of plant has a lot to offer, but in this opportunity, we present you 3 advantages that these plants offer when growing them.

1) Easy to plant

If you are new to growing, this strain will be perfect for you because of its ease of growing. Autoflowering varieties, thanks to their genetics, are resistant and tolerant to cold climates, and have a fast flowering period.

They can also be grown in both indoor and outdoor plantations.

2) They are small

The auto varieties are ideal for those who do not have a large space in the grow room, as they usually do not grow much (they almost never exceed one meter or 1.2 meters in height). This will also allow you to maintain discretion.

3) Several growing seasons are possible

While it is true that autoflowering varieties do not produce the same harvest as a 2m sativa due to their (small) size, they offer the advantage of producing several harvests.

In addition, as we mentioned before these varieties as they have a fast flowering, a grower could produce more annual harvests than photodependent varieties.

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