3 Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor growing done directly from the ground

Written by on 22 August, 2020

Surely, at the time of outdoors growing, the most question that comes to your mind is if you must grow the marijuana directly from the ground or not. Well, to help you decide in this post we will give you 3 advantages and disadvantages of this form of growing.


1) In outdoor growing directly from the ground, cannabis plants will have more access to all the space, moisture and nutrients in the ground, therefore, plants will be able to grow freely, and develop their full potential in terms of height, vigor and final production.

2) Having access to soil nutrients and also, that the roots of the plants can expand freely and find enough water from groundwater or through the soil moisture level, means that cannabis plants will require less maintenance, but this also depends on whether the soil is appropriate.

In this sense, anyway keep in mind that the cannabis growing should not be neglected. It is always important to check your plants constantly to prevent any inconvenience, because it is also likely that the plants need extra food. You must be vigilant.

3) This form of growing could also save you some costs. You will see when it is grown in pots, generally, the plants must be transplanted to another larger one, and although this is not an extremely high expense, if you want to grow on a large scale, it could represent a considerable cost.


1) In outdoor growing directly from the ground, for obvious reasons you will not be able to move your plants around, which is a big disadvantage because it will be much harder to protect your plants from weather or other threats.

2) With this form of growing, the plants can develop their growth better, and some varieties can become huge. If you want to keep your cannabis growing secret, this could be a bit complicated.

3) In outdoor plantations done directly in the ground, you will have less control over the quality and uniformity of the growing medium. Even if the grower strives to have a suitable soil in terms of pH for example, if is not impenetrable barrier between the areas of the soil where you grow your plants and the surrounding soil itself, various factors could ruin the growing.


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