Ways to lower the temperature in the grow room

Written by on 11 November, 2022

One of the factors that usually influences the development of indoor marijuana growing is the temperature. Precisely if you do not keep this aspect under control, your plants could grow slower and have a lower yield.

High temperature, for example, is one of the most common problems that cannabis growers have to face, especially when they plant their pot in summer. It is important that you know how to control the temperature of the grow room in these cases, to avoid future damage.

How to lower the temperature of the grow room?  

To lower the temperature of your grow tent or grow room, the ideal is to increase the total airflow in the room, the intention is to allow more hot air to be extracted and more cold air to enter (higher velocities or larger tube ventilation).

It is also advisable to keep the light bulb on during off-peak hours. So ideally, you should turn the lights on during the night and keep them off during the day.

It is advisable to take the ballasts out of the closet, remember that they emit heat and that is why it is better to keep them out of the cultivation area.

Choose the most suitable bulbs, it is recommended to opt for LED lighting, this type of lights offer the grower many advantages, one of them is precisely that they do not emit so much heat.

Also to lower the temperature in your grow tent you can install an air conditioning unit (air conditioners will also reduce humidity levels).

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