Tips for growing marijuana in a computer tower 

Written by on 5 September, 2022

If you have little space and do not know where to set up your cannabis growing, do not despair, you can choose to adapt a computer tower, this is an easy and discreet option.

To start with your plantation, you can buy modified computer towers, which are already ready to grow, or you can simply set one up by yourself.

What you will be using for your grow is the outer casing of the computer tower, you will need to remove all the hardware and wiring from inside. This space will be very limited so you will be able to grow one or two small plants.

Tips for growing in a computer tower 


Lighting largely determines the quality of the growing, so make sure that your grow is not lacking. Since computer towers have little space, it is best to choose LED lights, because compared to other bulbs, LED lamps emit little heat.

In addition, LED bulbs are available in small and portable sizes, making them ideal for growing in computer towers.

You can choose to place a single light on the ceiling of the computer tower or place LED strips on the ceiling and sides.

Choose the best strain 

There are strains of marijuana that can reach enormous heights, while others can maintain a diminutive stature. When growing in your computer tower, it’s best to go for the latter category.

The Easy Bud strain, for example, is a good alternative for this type of growing. This strain is characterized by not exceeding 50-60cm in height and produces quite impressive yields of 275-325g/m².

Control the smell 

Marijuana is an aromatic plant, so if you don’t want anyone to know about your small growing, you’ll need to intervene. Use carbon filters or gel systems in your grow to ensure that the smell is absorbed or masked.

Also, to minimize smell some recommend sealing the inside of the computer tower with duct tape.

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