Should hydroponic marijuana growing be done indoors or outdoors? 

Written by on 22 June, 2022

Hydroponic marijuana refers to plants that are grown in a nutrient-rich water solution instead of soil.

Many growers have decided to switch to hydroponic marijuana growing. The truth is that this alternative provides great yields and the plants will grow fast.

Although many people choose to implement this method indoors, you really don’t have to limit yourself to this environment. Hydroponic marijuana can also grow perfectly well outdoors.

Growing marijuana hydroponically indoors vs. outdoors 

There are several factors that differentiate indoor hydroponic cannabis growing from outdoor growing. It is important that you know these differences so that you can decide which of these two suits you best.


One of the biggest attractions of growing hydroponically outdoors is precisely its low cost, you will only have to make a minor investment, especially if you choose a simple system.

You will not have to buy so much equipment and the best thing is that you take advantage of sunlight. On the other hand, in indoor you will have to buy fans, light bulbs and other devices.


Generally outdoors you will have more space for your growing, this factor allows you to grow more plants if you wish.

In addition, outdoors you will have more options when it comes to choosing which strains to grow, you can opt for small or large strains. Indoors you usually don’t have enough space so you should grow few plants and strains that don’t grow so big.


Although outdoors you can enjoy more space for your girls or be more economical for you, you will not have as much control as you do indoors.

Remember that outdoors you are in the hands of the weather conditions; rains, strong winds, heat waves, so you will have to be attentive to take measures.

In your closet or grow room you can have almost absolute control of the environment in which your plants grow, from lighting, ventilation or humidity.

Duration of the equipment 

The equipment and instruments used indoors may last longer than when you grow outdoors, because outdoors the material can deteriorate quickly under the scorching sun.

Plastics that are not resistant to UV radiation may degrade, so if you decide to grow outdoors, you will have to look for alternatives to protect your equipment.

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