Keep your outdoor marijuana growing secret 

Written by on 18 June, 2022

Although the laws surrounding cannabis growing are becoming more flexible in several countries, there are still many people who are critical of the issue, so it is best to keep your growing secret.

Learning to maintain discretion is key if you want no one to know about your marijuana plantation, and it will also help you avoid inconveniences if you have annoying neighbors, for example.

If you decide to set up your grow outdoors, these tips can be useful if you prefer to keep it hidden.

Practice guerrilla growing 

This type of planting basically consists of planting cannabis somewhere secret in the middle of nature or outdoors. Place your cannabis in an isolated area away from your home, this will eliminate the risk of your plantation being discovered.

Grow near bushes

Another alternative to try to be discreet in your outdoor marijuana growing is to hide your plants. You can opt to plant your girls near existing bushes or shrubs in your garden. Just be sure to plant your strains in a space where your Mary Jane will get plenty of sunlight.

Strain smell

Marijuana has a strong smell, so if you’re trying to remain discreet, it’s best to plant cannabis strains with mild odors. Strains with modest aromas include Northern Lights, Moby Dick and Blueberry.

Opt for autoflowering 

This is a perfect strain to keep your grow secret. Autoflowering strains are not too big, and you can plant them in pots, which is a more discreet option as you can move them to another location if you prefer.

Be careful with your waste 

After harvest many growers dispose of plant debris and growing material that they will no longer use. Therefore, when it’s your turn to do the same, use opaque bags to avoid showing what’s in them, so you won’t arouse suspicion.

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