Indoor spaces where you can grow marijuana 

Written by on 23 August, 2022

If you prefer to be more discreet, at home there are several indoor places where you can grow your marijuana plants.

Here is a list of spaces or places where you can set up your own cannabis plantation inside your home.

1- Room or grow room 

Empty rooms, attics, basements, among others, can be used to create a growing space. It is ideal that the place you choose is light-proof, closed, and you must also ensure that there is good air circulation, among other aspects.

2- Computer tower

If you have little space to set up your crop do not worry, you can also adapt a computer tower.

Basically what you are going to do is to use the external casing of a computer tower. You must remove all the hardware and wiring inside and replace it with a light, a pot or hydroponic box and a fan.

Setting up a micro grow in a computer tower is a great option for being discreet. These are usually very small spaces so, you will only be able to grow one or two tiny plants.

3- Tent or grow tent 

Setting up a grow tent is a great way to get started with your grow. This option allows you to control the temperature and humidity. It also helps you avoid light leaks and eliminate smell.

You can opt for a tent that can be hung from the ceiling or one that can be set up and moved from one room to another.


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