How to protect your marijuana growing from the wind

Written by on 18 October, 2020

Grow marijuana outdoors can bring you multiple benefits, however, it also carries certain risks since your plants, being outdoors, are not exempt from suffering damage caused by natural phenomena such as rain or strong winds, precisely the latter we will talk about in this post.

Look at this note and know some advices so that you know how you can protect your plantation of cannabis of this meteorological phenomenon.

1- Plan the protection of your growing

Although it seems something obvious, it is ideal that you take into account this advice, if you organize yourself in advance and establish in what way you are going to protect your cannabis you will be able to reduce the risk that you’re growing is destroyed by the winds.

There are many ways to take care of your plantation, and the best thing is that they are very easy to implement and not so expensive.

2- Tie up your plants

One of the techniques more used by the growers to protect its cannabis is the tying of the plants to stakes or tutors nailed in the ground.

In addition, some build a fence with the help of ropes and sticks had better hold the plants. When you are going to tie them up, do so carefully.

3- Plant near hedges or bushes

Another alternative that can work is that you plant your marijuana strains near hedges or bushes as they could act as windbreaks. Just avoid placing the plants too close together.

4- Prune your cannabis 

Finally, you can also prune your marijuana plants so that they are not too tall. Just find out the right time to do it.

Final considerations

If you protect your plants from the winds you can prevent it from breaking the branches and leaves of your beloved marijuana varieties.

Choose a good place to place your strains, and always remain attentive to information about weather conditions in the area where your plantation is so that you do not catch unaware.

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