How do increase CO2 levels in the growing space? 

Written by on 10 June, 2022

Marijuana growers should know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for plants to perform processes such as photosynthesis.

CO2 is a gas that is present in the air. Plants extract this gas through respiration. Increasing the levels of this component in the growing (along with the right environment), helps the plant grow faster, more resistant, and produce better harvests.

There are several methods you can implement to increase CO2 levels in your grow space. Take note of several alternatives:

CO2 generator

Carbon dioxide generators are easy to use, some of these have a built-in timer that will automatically turn on or off when needed.

The downside of using these generators is that they operate by burning natural gas or propane, which will produce heat. It is recommended to use them, especially for large growing spaces where the environment is controlled.

When using generators be careful to avoid fires. Also, if the fuel is not burned properly, CO2 generators can release other toxic gases.

Compressed CO2 Tanks 

For growers who have more limited space, compressed CO2 tanks may be an ideal option. These tanks contain saturated carbon dioxide, so they do not produce heat.

Dry Ice 

Growers can use dry ice to deliver quantities of CO2 to their growing spaces. It is a clean and unobtrusive system and does not produce other toxic gases.

This is an efficient option in the short term, but costly in the long term. It is also more difficult to regulate CO2 levels and must be used immediately.

Compost bins or bags

These are bags or buckets that contain compost from organic matter and produce CO2 naturally.

This system is easy to install and produces no heat and no toxic waste gases. The negative side is that it can produce a bad smell, it generates small amounts of CO2 and it is not a system that the grower can deactivate at night.


It is ideal to start using CO2 once you have mastered the basics of growing so that you can guarantee good results.

If you are going to use equipment to add carbon dioxide to your grow room or grow tent you must be very careful, incorrect use could result in the release of excessive levels of CO2, which can be harmful to people and pets.

If you are going to supply CO2 to your grow room, you will have to take into account other factors, for example, you will have to have more powerful lights.

Also, it is recommended to do this process when the grow lights are on. Avoid injecting CO2 into your plantation when the cannabis strains are sleeping.



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