How and when is the best time to harvest your cannabis?

Written by on 21 October, 2020

The stage of the harvest of cannabis is undoubtedly one of the most waited for by every marijuana grower; precisely because it is there that, they can gather the fruits of their work.

After cutting your flowers, performing a drying, and curing process, you can fill your pantries with delicious buds.

It is ideal that you do not rush and make sure that your plants are ready to harvest, because otherwise, if you do it too early or too late you can compromise the quality of your plants.

To know when it is the right time to harvest, there are certain indications that you can follow. Keep reading this post.

1- Know the flowering time of your plant:

Even if it seems obvious, it is ideal that you keep in mind the information of the time of bloom of the variety that you chose, based on the indications of the bank of seeds. Remember that some strains of cannabis do it faster like others.

Looking at this time will help you to have an idea of the day of the harvest. However, you also need to pay attention to other details to make sure you choose the right time.

2- Observe the pistils:

Pistils are those little “fluff” that grow from the calyxes of the marijuana flowers (buds).

During the first weeks of flowering the pistils have a white color and, as the flowers mature, they will darken adopting brown and orange tones, so, if you observe that around half of them have changed color, it is a sign that the time of harvest could be near.

Although not always the pistils change their state by maturity, they can appear mature due to other factors such as sudden temperature changes, excessive rainfall among others.

It is recommended to cut your plants of cannabis when between 60-70% of the pistils are dark. In addition, it takes into account the recommendation of the bank of seeds and the factors before mentioned.

3- Look at the state of the trichomes

Cannabis trichomes are small, mushroom-shaped glands found in the flowers and leaves of your plants. These components contain the valuable resin loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids that produce the psychoactive effects.

The trichomes are usually too small to be observed, so you will need the help of a magnifying glass to see them closely.

If you observe that your trichomes have a transparent or crystalline aspect, the plants are not mature. As the flowering progresses, they will start to have a more whitish and milky color.

Over time, most trichomes will have turned white. This is the precise moment, when many growers decide to harvest their plants.

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